Norwegian Christmas – Foods & Traditions: Dinners – Desserts – Cookies – Traditions – Songs – Lores (About Norway)

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Norwegian Christmas – Foods & Traditions Dinners – Desserts – Cookies – Traditions – Songs – Lores The book contains two sections: Part 1: Norwegian History, Tradition and Customs Part 2: Norwegian Christmas Dinners, Deserts and Cookies In this book, Mr. Koch has worked on collecting his favorite Christmas Dishes and Christmas Cookies from Norway. This book covers the context, history, reason and meaning behind the Norwegian Christmas Traditions. In depth explanations are given throughout this book with illustrations and pictures. The book shows you how to cook up Amazing Dinners to impress Family and Friends. This book also contains sections – Some Norwegian Christmas Words Translated – Norwegian Folklore – In Viking times: Converting from Norse Heathendom to Christendom – Covering the time from the 1st Sunday in Advent until New Years Eve, including, Advent Traditions and Rituals, Norwegian Christmas, Little Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, 25th to 30th and New Year’s Eve, as well as. – Christmas Songs and Common Norwegian words cross-translated. PART 1: Norwegian Christmas Traditions Some Norwegian Christmas Words Santa Claus and Norwegian Folklore Converting from Norse to Christianity Advent, Advent Traditions and Rituals Norwegian Christmas New Year’s Eve Christmas Songs PART 2: Norwegian Christmas Dishes, Cookies and Deserts This book is meant to be used as an implementation tool for the reader, especially for the recipes presented. The book goes in detail on how the reader can implement the traditions into his or her own family, or serve a Classy Traditional full dinner to friends or family. PART 2: Norwegian Christmas Dishes, Cookies and Deserts Part 2.1 Norwegian Christmas Cookies German Sandwiches Sand Cookies Deer Antlers Doughnut Christmas Bread Fat White Cookie Men Crisp, Thin Oat Flarn Serina Cookie Part 2.2 Norwegian Christmas Dinners Christmas Rib, Pork Belly Stick Meat, Cured Salted Lamb Ribs Lutefisk, Lyefish Part 2.3 Recipes for Sides Garnishes Mashed Rutabaga Stew Potatoes Bacon bits, Melted Butter, Lingon Berries, Sourkraut, Dijon Mustard Part 2.4 Christmas Deserts Cloudberry Whipped Cream Rice Pudding with sauce Make it Your Own The book focuses on telling, showing and explaining how you can implement or try these Traditions, Christmas Meals and Christmas Cookies for yourself. Conversion and Facilitation You will find in the beginning of the food section, a whole page of all the recipes needed. In addition, American adaptation and facilitation to be able to find and buy ingredients in a regular American Grocery Store. Even a whole page of ingredients for all the Christmas Cookies are given. All of the units and content in this book has been converted from the Metric system to the American, so you can easily create delicious Traditional Norwegian Christmas Dinners and Christmas Cookies for you and your family. Common Norwegian Christmas Words and Songs The book also has a section of Norwegian common Christmas words, translated and shown from Norwegian to English. It also has a selection of Norwegian American Christmas songs, and Music Notes. The book is also richly illustrated throughout. This book is also great if you want to give it to someone that might be interested in the Scandinavian and Norwegian tradition. Henrik H. Koch Author & Editor

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