KitchenBros Digital Food Thermometer Instant Read …

Price: $60.00 – $19.95
(as of Jan 23,2018 12:35:39 UTC – Details)

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★ OVEN, GRILL AND SMOKER SAFE. Either in the oven or in the smoker, your food will always be perfectly cooked. The temperature is shown QUICK AND ACCURATE and the probes withstand the high temperature up to 482F and make the thermometer AS DURABLE AS POSSIBLE.
★ MAKE IT EASY WITH KITCHENBROS. Your cooking thermometer will help you to cook the BEST food. Just insert the probe into the meat and wait for the alarm. Surprise your friends and relatives with the awesome dinner! They will love it!
★ LIFETIME WARRANTY AND MONEYBACK! Be the part of our KitchenBros family. Our Customers get the fast and qualified support; we do our best to make our products and service perfect! Furthermore, our Customers receive the notifications about the new products and are able to get ones with the best price.
★ STILL BURNING YOUR MEAT? Forget about undercooked or overcooked steaks and turkey! Your digital meat thermometer is PRE-PROGRAMMED for 8 meat types! Choose one and MAKE IT PERFECT.

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