How to Turn Beer Green

What's the history behind this tantalizing beverage? This drink started along with the holiday (St. Patrick's Day) in the 1950's while America had a grain shortage in and around World War II. Why do we drink this brew? Is it to show homage to St. Patrick himself or maybe it's just to satisfy our affinity to partake in the celebration of life. I do know this concoction was not developed by individuals sitting around discussing how to turn beer green. Well, maybe it was.

Now that being said, the color changing of beer is widely believed to be an American idea, since no well respecting Irishmen would dare taint his beloved drink. Now there are several different ways of changing the color of your drink. One thing to keep in mind, the darker the beer, the harder it will be to accomplish your goal. This is a fundamental fact that most people do not pay attention too. Just imagine using a stout or going with a Black and Tan. How in the world are you going to appease the fiendish thirst of your friends without the proper color? The quick answer is you will not, and your friends will probably sacrifice you to their god of choice. Stay away from the darker sides of beer, stick with something light, something how should I say … AMERICAN!

You can not go wrong with good old American beer; the color is lighter and much easier to work with. So, when asked how to turn beer green? We know the lighter the color the better, now this does not mean it's going to taste great. In fact most St. Patrick Day green beers do not taste too good! Let's be honest though, that's not the point is it? Instead, I think the point is to have a great time, responsibly of course.

Now with all that history and all the spirit of this great Irish tradition which is also celebrated heavily in Australia and in North America, we can all get together once a year raise our glasses knowing how to turn beer green!

Source by Michael Redding

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