How to Build Your Kit of BBQ Grill Accessories

Golden rules are the ones that actually apply. You might like to keep these things in mind when you go shopping for BBQ Grill Accessories.

Here are 5 of the most useful things to remember when building your kit of BBQ Grill Accessories.

Golden Rule # 1. You do not have to buy a large set that comes in its own case. The reason why is It is most likely that you will not use most of the utensils and unless you take your BBQ on holiday (and some people do I suppose) there is little need for a carry case. Remember, to start you off, you only really need 3 utensils – spatula, tongs, and a grill cleaning brush ..

Golden Rule # 2. Other than these the only vital piece of equipment is a good lighter to get you charcoal going. I would recommend a "zippo" type one. This could be very important because it can take a few few seconds to get a small fire started to light your charcoal. You will want to remember that a cheap lighter will quickly get too hot to hold the flame on!

Golden Rule # 3.There are other useful BBQ tools – for example a hinged grid iron is great for quantities of food items like burgers, chicken wings, sausages etc. There's good reasons you will need to do this. Among them are that you can turn over all your food items in one go – a hinged grid iron will hold 4 or even 8.

Golden Rule # 4. Do not bother using a fork. There are reasons for this, including the fact that, with certain types of food like sausages or burgers, the prongs will pierce the surface and cause the juices to leak out – this will cause flames to erupt in you grill, which is bad.

Golden Rule # 5. Which brings me to an overlooked BBQ grill accessory is a water spray bottle, the sort of thing used to mist plants etc. Get one (they cost next to nothing) and use it to extinguish any flames caused by fatty foods cooking on a grill

Golden Rule # 6. Get a pair of heat proof gloves (I use welders gloves). Gloves will suddenly seem important if you are close to a grill for long periods of time tending a lot of food with tongs etc, the heat will quickly build up and burn your hands.

As you follow these golden rules to build your kit of BBQ grill accessories, you will find your barbecue sessions are processed much more efficiently, allowing you to grill great barbecue food and have more time for your guests!

Source by Mungo Chutney

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