Homemade Wine Making – Manmade Science Or Nature?

Whether it is homemade wine making or a commercial venture, the undering process is the same. Following is a brief explanation of the science involved. The raw material is the wonderful grape. Grapes contain sugar, water and trace elements that are all essential to making a wine and differenting concentrations of each can really change the wine for better or for worse.

Wine is essentially alcohol and it is due to the bacteria known as yeast that wine can be made. Yeast is an interesting bacterium which, in the absence of oxygen, ferments sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Without this process occurring, there would be no wine.

For homemade wine making the routines can be simplified to some extent however the science still needs to be understood. Making wine involves a few scientific aspects in addition to the natural processes such as fermentation.

Sulfur dioxide is crucial to stop fermentation otherwise the wine may not be that which is required or desired. This is due to the fact that sulfur dioxide kills off any excess yeast that still remains in the mixture.

The pH of the wine must also be monitored. pH is important to the wine making process as it can indicate the progress of the wine. A high pH level can indicate that the wine being made is of insignificant flavor while too low a pH level can indicate that the wine being made is too sweet.

There is also the need to control aspects such as temperature. Heat is especially important for the bacterium yeast. Yeats thrills best at a specific temperature range. By maintaining the temperature of the fermentation vessel, the color, clarity and flavor of the wine can be effectively controlled and adjusted according to the demand.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of theories behind wine. Some include theories that wine is healthy due to the chemical resveratrol which it contains which acts an antioxidant. Most theories point towards negativity such as loss of balance and coordination which cause thousands of accidents and deaths annually worldwide.

Although the process of wine making advances day by day as new technology emerges, homemade wine making has remained relatively simple otherwise none of us would probably make the effort to brew our own bottle of stunning wine. Knowing about the chemical reactions taking place is also crucial to making the perfect wine however with respect to the more complex processes where many wine makers are being accused of tampering with natures way, then as a homemade wine making student we are best to concentrate on the basics and follow a simplistic process to make out own wonderful wine.

Source by Chris R Palmer

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