Home Lunches That Do not Include a Sandwich!

Taking a lunch to work or school is really great. It can often save you money, cause you to eat healthier and make your over all lunch more satisfying!

As great as eating home lunch is, there is one problem and that problem is the sandwich. Sandwiches are a great, easy meal to prepare to take to work, school or where ever you might be going. However, if you are like most people, you tend to eat a sandwich practically every time you pack your own lunch.

Eating sandwiches over and over can cause you to develop a distaste for sandwiches. Many people get sick of eating sandwiches for lunch but they do not know exactly what else they can easily throw together for lunch.

Let's go into it and see what other easy lunches there are to make.

First on our list is salad. I am sure you have thought about this one before, but do you make salad very often?

Salad is a great, nutrient dense dish that can also be filling (especially with a roll on the side). Making a salad can easily take less than five minutes to prepare. You can be creative with the salad which makes it even easier to prepare.

Take some lettuce, spinach, some tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe even throw some turkey, ham or chopped almonds into the mix. Once you have done that, just throw your favorite dress on top, put a bread roll in with it, zip up your lunch bag and you are good to go!

Second on the menu is ham and cheese rolls.

This dish is not necessarily the highest quality, but it does get the job done. It is great if you are very short on time and have to get out the door as fast as possible.

All you have to do is take a slice of ham or turkey, put a stick of cheese in the middle and roll it up! It is that simple. You might be thinking that this is actually like making a sandwich, but try it out, take your favorite dipping sauce and you will see that it is quite different.

The last lunch in this article is fruit salad!

This is a favorite among many. It is quick, easy and very delicious. You might have considered putting an apple or banana into your lunch bag, but fruit salad is much better.

What is required for this dish is simple.

You take some fruit which usually consist of bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Once you have gathered the fruit, cut the bananas, oranges and strawberries into small pieces.

Once all of the fruit is in small pieces, put it all into a large bowl and toss it all together so it is mixed fairly evenly.

After mixing the fruit, take some of your favorite yogurt and put it in with the mix. Stir the yogurt in with the fruit until it is all covered evenly and now it is ready to eat!

Go ahead and put the fruit salad into a container and your lunch is ready. This lunch does not take long to make at all, even though it has more instructions than the other two. You can easily put together this lunch in about five minutes.

These are definitely not the only lunches available to make quickly and easily, but it is a start. You do not have to keep eating sandwiches when you make home lunch! Be creative and stay healthy!

Source by Zoe Jane

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