Home Brewing Can Be Very Rewarding

It’s often best to start brewing or winemaking as a hobby, and if you find that you truly like it and have a knack for it, you can always transition into brewing for money.

Getting the Ingredients

Beginning to brew your own beer is actually a lot easier than you might think and the results can be extraordinary. In fact, you will most likely end up with a product far superior to the watered down beer that you get in a can. One of the simplest things that you can do to make great beer is buy great ingredients. Thankfully, brewing is relatively simply and requires only 4 ingredients.

Hops – which are the small flower of the humulus, hop, plant.

Malt extract – this can be either liquid or dried

Grains grown especially for use in beer


Of course, you can experiment with different types of grains, hops, and yeast to make your signature beer and concoct the mixture that perfectly matches your taste. The yeast is perhaps the most important variable in the recipe, and will determine the type of beer that you are making. It’s relatively easy to buy all of these ingredients, but if you’re entirely new to the process, you might consider buying a kit that includes all the necessary materials.

Brewing Preparation

Meticulous preparation is the key to setting yourself up to make a great brew. Make sure that you’ve measured and prepared all of your ingredients in advance. That means sanitizing all the surfaces and kitchen implements that your brew will come into contact with. Make sure to sanitize with something that leaves no residue – there are cleaning powders developed especially for cleaning in breweries that are worth looking into.

Another great way to prepare is by getting a pad and pencil, you can even buy waterproof writing materials. This is to keep notes on the process of brewing so that your can replicate any brew that you especially like and refine the process for the ones that you don’t.

Getting Brewing

The first step in the process is to steep your grains, you can do this in a large grain bag (essentially a huge tea bag) for around 30 minutes at 65 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind, you can also play with the time and temperature at which you steep your grains to refine your recipe.

The second step is to add the malt extract and begin to boil – this is the stage at which you add your hops. Hops are added at varying intervals during this boil to create differing flavors.

The third step is to quickly chill the wort – try putting your pot in a bathtub with ice and stir. Then, you pour your wort into a fermenter and 48 hours later (depending on your recipe) your brew will be ready for bottling!

That was easy!

As you can tell, brewing beer is a fairly simple process, but it takes practice to create the great and refined beers that we love. You have nothing to lose when you try it out on a small scale, so get going!

Source by Robert Maurer

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