Help I Am Diabetic! Planning Your Meals, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – Ensuring You Eat Healthy

If you are diabetic then you do not suddenly need to go on a strict diet, cutting out different types of food and eating radically different types of meals. Rather, the important thing is to plan your meals and get used to good eating habits and balanced portions of the major food groups. Here are some tips about planning your meals effectively if you have diabetes.

When it comes to breakfast you usually do not have to do too much adapting, as all cereals are fine for diabetics to eat. There are some cereals that have added sugar so try to stick to the more natural brands, where you can always add fruit to make it a little sweeter. Apart from cereals you can also eat breakfast foods such as toast and crumpets, but try to use low-fat margarines and spreads.

Make sure that you have three meals a day, which means making time for a proper breakfast and lunch as well as dinner. It is important to spread food out over the day to control your appetite as well as your blood glucose levels. If you want snacks in between meals then low fat yoghurt or a piece of fruit is a good idea.

You should try to have one main meal each day and make sure that it is balanced, with larger amounts of foods such as rice, bread and potatoes, and lower amounts of meat, eggs and so on. In every meal the largest part of the meal should be made up from fruit or vegetables.

When planning your meals you will get the best nutrients following balanced, specially adapted diabetic recipes. This is especially true for your main meals. This advice will make planning your meals that little bit easier each day.

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