Famous Restaurant Recipes Can Be Found in 5 Easy Ways

When people go out to eat, they usually know where they're going and generally what they're getting. It's a simple fact of life, and we all do it: head for the place we're craving for, to get that dish we've been thinking about since Monday. There's an easy way to save money and eat your favorite restaurant dish healthy – find the recipes and make them yourself! Here are 5 techniques to get famous restaurant recipes.

1. Go to their site
This is worth a shot, even though it sounds improbable. Many restaurants will give their recipes (minus the "" secret sauce ") away on their web site. at least you know you're getting the real deal, right from the horse's mouth.

2. Check the major search engines
There are many websites besides the main web site for a restaurant that will have what you're looking for. This is also true with famous restaurant recipes. Simply search for the restaurant that you want to copy, and enter "restaurant recipes" to find what you're after. For example, if you do this with Chili's, you'll turn up over 8,000,000 results! There's a really good chance you'll get what you're looking for long before you dig through 7.9 million other results …

3. Ask the restaurant
Really, this looks like a no-brainer, but often times the chef is so proud or enthralled with their food that this simple question will get your answer. Sure, the waiters and bus-boys will not necessarily have the recipe lying around in their apron. Try to ask more general questions, like, "What's the spiciness coming from in this Jerk Chicken?" This will help you determine the recipe secrets.

4. Recipe Forums
In addition to general searches in the search engines, you should look at forums to get the recipes. Forums are fantastic because you're in a "room" with tons of other people interested in what you're looking for, so there are plenty of people that will help you out. Likely you'll catch a chef or two from the restaurant in there, or other people who have found the recipes you're after.

5. Books and software
The net is chock-full of specialty e-books and programs that you can buy that will reveal literally hundreds of these famous restaurant recipes. You're sure to find information on recipes from Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Outback and Chili's to name a few.

Source by Emily Diaz

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