Healthy Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

Mar 23, 2018 Just when you thought Banana Bread couldn’t get any better, THIS comes along:  Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread!  Made healthy, sugar free, high protein, high fiber, gluten free, and dairy free, but one bite and you’d never suspect any of that.  This loaf is so moist and rich, sweet and decadent, and […]

Banana Bread No Bake Energy Bites Recipe

Mar 21, 2018 What’s got Banana Bread flavor in a bite-sized package?  These Banana Bread No Bake Energy Bites, I tell ya! These Banana Bread-flavored orbs of deliciousness are super soft, fudgy, sweet, and delicious, it’s seriously hard to believe they’re raw, vegan, and gluten free, with no added sugar (or pounds and pounds […]

Banana Bread Overnight Dessert Oats

Mar 19, 2018 These Banana Bread Overnight Dessert Oats have all the flavor of Banana Bread but in oatmeal form, and without the butter, oil, and sugar! This thick, sweet, and UBER FILLING Banana Oatmeal also happens to be refined sugar free, low fat, high fiber, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan too! These […]

Single-Serving Mini Matcha Green Tea White Chocola…

Mar 16, 2018 Indulge in earthy matcha and sweet white chocolate in these delicious Mini Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate Pies! Inside the mini “cups” of light and flaky pie crust sits a naturally green matcha-white chocolate filling that is uber smooth, creamy, rich, and sweet.  These single-serving pies may be little, but they are […]

How to Make Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate

Mar 15, 2018 If you like matcha and if you like white chocolate, combine the two and make this Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate! It’s earthy from the matcha yet sweet and delicious from the white chocolate.  This is the ultimate treat — and it’s secretly sugar free, low carb, and gluten free too! […]

14 Healthy Pie Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day (3/14) …

Mar 14, 2018 There’s nothing better than a slice of heaven, carried to you by a sweet and salty graham or shortbread or animal cracker crust, topped with a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, maybe even some grated chocolate too.  Wait a minute, actually, there is something that can make pie better:  when every […]

S’mores Pie Recipe (dairy free, low sugar)

Mar 12, 2018 GUYS!  HI!  HI HI HI HI HI!  I have something very important to say…  S’mores Pie.  Yes, I said it.  I made a S’MORES PIE. I almost sprained my fingers typing out this post because I’m so damn excited to share the recipe with you.  It’s freakin’ legendary. Thanks to Immaculate […]

Healthy Cake Batter Dip (without the healthy taste…

Mar 9, 2018 This Cake Batter Dip looks and tastes like you tossed a slice of Vanilla Cake into a blender, frosting and all!  It’s ultra buttery and sweet, rich and flavorful, and smooth and creamy.  One bite and you’d never guess it’s healthy, sugar free, low fat, high protein, and gluten free too. […]

The BEST Blood Orange Curd Recipe (sugar free, low…

Mar 7, 2018 This Healthy Blood Orange Curd is ultra creamy, sweet, tart, and delicious.  You’d never know it’s sugar free, low carb, low fat, gluten free, dairy free, and vegan!  Scoop it over yogurt, layer it in parfaits, spoon some over Vanilla Ice Cream, or dig in straight up with a spoon. Blood […]

Healthy Homemade Macadamia Butter Recipe

Mar 4, 2018 Yes, you can make Macadamia Butter AT HOME!  It’s so, so rich and buttery and smooth and creamy, you’ll wonder why it’s not as popular as peanut butter and almond butter.  And it’s super easy to make too — just a few minutes in the food processor and BAM!  You’ve got […]

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